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Company Overview

Ichthus International Inc.

  Daisan Tagen Building 4F,83 Kankoboko-cho,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


1. I would like to request an interpreter, but how should I do so?

Please fill out the required fields on the inquiry form and submit it. Our staff will reply promptly.
(Our business hours are 11:00am to 7:00pm excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.)

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2. What kind of people do you hire as interpreters?

Most of our interpreters are those who have successfully completed our company school’s Professional Interpreter Training Program. Others are interpreters who have comparable interpreting skills. Our interpreters possess consecutive interpreting, whispering interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting skills. We will assign you the most suitable interpreter(s) according to your request.

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3. For what kind of situation is simultaneous interpreting suitable?

In this kind of interpreting, the interpreter works in a special simultaneous interpreting booth while listening to the speaker through headphones and interpreting simultaneously into a microphone. The speaker’s words are communicated almost simultaneously. This form of interpreting is often used for international conferences, symposiums, seminars, or other events where the speaker speaks to a large audience. Since the interpreting is done almost simultaneously, it is a very time-efficient interpreting method. In order to provide accurate interpreting, we ask that you submit beforehand documents containing the contents about which the speaker will give his or her speech.

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4.  For what kind of situation is consecutive interpreting suitable?

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker will pause after cohesive units of speech, and the interpreter will take notes on the speech and interpret. This style of interpreting is suitable for business discussions and negotiations, or other relatively small-scale meetings or interviews. As the consecutive interpreting is generally more accurate than simultaneous interpreting, it is the method in situations where accurate communication is priority. As the equipment used in simultaneous interpreting is not necessary, the price is more economical.

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5. I am in a hurry for a sudden meeting. How long do the preparations for an assignment take?

The shortest time it takes for an inquiry to be processed, a quote to be issued, and for an appointment and preparations to be completed is 3 days. We will aim to provide prompt preparations, but it may take more time depending on whether it is a busy period for us or if specialization is required for your request.

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6. When I request an interpreter, why must I submit documents in advance?

Professional interpreters must interpret for many different fields. They are not specialists in one single field. In order to provide accurate interpreting, it is required that the interpreter(s) prepare with the materials you provide covering the contents the speaker will speak about and technical terminology. Also, in order to correctly translate the speaker’s name and affiliation, we ask that you provide a register of the names of speaker and guests whose names are to be interpreted.

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7.What materials are needed specifically?

It will depend on the conditions of your request, but we ask for the following materials

  • Agenda/program
  • Participants’ names and affiliations
  • Presentation materials
  • A copy of the speaker’s speech
  • Materials for the other participants
  • Technical terminology (For an in-house company meeting, a record of proceedings and company terminology will be required.)
  • For a lecture, we ask for a profile of the lecturer and previous lecture or essay materials

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8.How do you handle highly confidential materials?

We will have you negotiate a contract with us to protect confidential affairs before we get into the specifics of the assignment. Upon completion of the interpreting assignment, we will either return the materials to you promptly or dispose of them. Rest assured that our coordinators and interpreters are of course committed to the duty of confidentiality.

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9. Can you work in a specialized field?

We have a system of interpreters that can handle most specialized fields, but for any uniquely highly specialized field we will consult with you and determine whether or not we are able to assign a suitable interpreter for your needs.

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10. I don’t know whether to request simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting.

Since we must determine the best interpreting method by taking into account the conditions for the assignment, please first let us know of the conditions of your request, and then we will propose the most effective interpreting method. For meetings where there are many attendees, we will propose simultaneous interpreting. However, sometimes it is appropriate to use consecutive interpreting. For example, a situation in which most of the attendees can understand English, but you want to confirm advanced content by communicating it in Japanese, or a situation in which the attendees conduct a presentation in English but need consecutive interpreting for a discussion session.

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11. Are there only prices for either a full day or a half day? (Are prices not determined by the hour?)

Prices for interpreting services are not bases on actual work hours but on total hours spent working. During break times the interpreter(s) may be required to read documents and prepare, and it is crucial that the interpreter(s) set aside time for studying for the assignment in advance.

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12.Can the client interview the interpreters in advance and choose?

Because of the interpreters’ schedules, we cannot accept interviews. Our coordinator will take responsibility to provide you with the most suitable interpreter, so please rest assured.

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13. Can we have a meeting with the interpreter(s)?

In order to provide more accurate interpreting, not only are documents in advance requested, but we also set aside time for you to have a meeting with your interpreter(s). However, you will be charged a fee for meetings as they relate to the total hours the interpreter(s) spends working.

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14. How long are we able to extend the time for the interpreting?

Taking into consideration the interpreters’ ability to concentrate and ability to be precise, we limit extensions to 30 to 60 minutes. However, if there are plenty of breaks in between the time the interpreter interprets, this limit does not exist, so please consult with us in advance.

※When it is very likely that an extension will be made, please let us know in advance. We will make any necessary preparations such as increasing the number of interpreters.

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